Our Vision Our Plan

Children’s Social Care, together with our partners, will ensure children and young people are safe and thriving through high quality practice against high standards.

We will aim to:

  • Safeguard children and promote their development and well-being.
  • Advocate on behalf of children, young people and their families to promote their rights and respond to their wishes.
  • Strive to support children to remain with their family wherever possible.
  • Ensure quality parenting in the right care setting to enable stability and permanence, where children are unable to live with their family.
  • Promote relationships with family when in the child’s best interests.
  • Ensure children and young people receive the support they need to thrive in adulthood and beyond

Our Plan <click here>

The Children’s Social Care Service in CYPES and other Government Departments are working together to take our responsibilities as corporate parents more seriously. We are determined that children living in care, and care leavers, in Jersey, enjoy the same kind of support as many young people get from their families.

We want to put Children’s Rights at the heart of our service. When we make decisions, we must more routinely think about how those decisions will affect children.

The Government of Jersey has a legal duty and moral responsibility to make sure children are protected and looked after by their parents, or by other people when this is needed.

Children’s Social Care Service are at the forefront of this.  We are working hard at hearing and responding to the voice and wishes of the child. Spending time with children, talking to them, and making sure that we are actively listening and taking seriously what they say is an essential safeguarding activity. This is what Putting Children First is about.

We also want to increase birth relatives’ rights to support services, including access to independent support and counselling for birth parents and other relatives. We need to promote greater understanding of birth families, of their experiences and of their support needs.  Not only to create more compassion for their pain, but also to encourage the development of more effective support services.

We want to improve our practice. We have established new Practice Standards to ensure all staff, partners and children and families know what to expect. These standards, which we have designed in age-appropriate language, need to become second nature, be easily accessible to the public and our services need to be held to account in an honest and transparent manner. Alongside, we have implemented a new Quality Assurance and Improvement Framework. This will help us to understand the difference we are making to people’s lives and to identify the areas where we need to improve.

Our staff need to be enabled to be at their best every day. We need to establish a stable workforce that is well supported and rewarded.  We are committed to ensuring that they feel safe, valued, and trusted.  We plan to do this by improving the induction, training, and ongoing learning development opportunities for our staff. This includes the development of a continuous professional development offer and enhanced 1:1 supervision to enable reflective practice, high support, and challenge.

The improvements we plan to make will take time, as well as a shared commitment, from politicians, partners, and Islanders – safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. 

This is a three-year plan, and it highlights the priority activities we will be undertaking to ensure that our children and young people are safe and reach their potential.

Children's Social Care Structure

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