We need a new approach to Children’s Services 

Jersey’s new Children, Young People, Education and Skills (CYPES) department puts the needs of children and young people before established processes.

Our immediate focus

Following the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry recommendations, there have been important reforms to Children’s Services. However, the pace of implementation, and the scale of cultural and service change we need to ensure that our children and young people are protected and enabled to flourish, have been too slow.

That’s why we’ve restructured. Our primary focus must be on our children and young people, and not on established processes. This new department is responsible for completing the urgent Care Inquiry reforms and adopting worldwide best practice in the care of children and young people.

Our future focus

This restructure will also support the ongoing modernisation and improvement in the standards of education and skills development in Jersey, strengthening the links between Jersey’s businesses and our schools and colleges, so that our young people have better opportunities.

We want Jersey to be the best place for children and young people to grow up. And we want to make a positive difference every day to the lives of children, young people, their families and carers.

We’re using the following design principles to guide our programme of change.

  • Services will be co-designed with the child at the heart
  • We will support early intervention and prevention – the right people, doing the right things, at the right time
  • Services will be built on an understanding of purpose, need, demand, priorities and the current capability of the organisation to deliver
  • Services will be designed by focusing on making a better system as a whole, rather than improving individual components
  • Our business and commissioning model will focus on outcomes and value, evidencing what works and why so that design can be improved or replicated.

Becoming a Commissioning-Minded Department

CYPES will operate as a commissioning-minded department, embedding the Understand-Plan-Do-Review approach to improving outcomes.

This means analysing the needs of local children and families and designing services in order to best meet these needs. Where possible, our services will be co-produced with children, young people and their families, to ensure they continue to meet the needs of those they are designed to support.

They will be commissioned from a range of providers, with a willingness to work outside of traditional organisational structures and focus instead on achieving good outcomes for service users. At the same time we will establish common values and priorities and early warning system to indicate if a service is at risk of failure.

It’s all about putting protection, safeguarding, care and education at the heart of all we do. CYPES will maximise whole-life chances for the children and young people of Jersey.

Children's Social Care Structure